March Madness!!!

posted on 28 Mar 2009 12:21 by timeclub

Greepppppppp    Ahhhhhh

We back with the club!!!

First of all it's Indy birthday on march 27th H.B.D

Then April 2nd!!!! Miss Chanel & Miss Hilton Birthday!!!!! haha H.B.D. Luv ya guys!!!

After the amzing wonderful day then it's Tummy Birthdayy H.B.D Bootttyyyy!! haa

Fah is going to The U.K. Good luck!!!! Do not steal mynRobert!! by the way

Hey it's summer!!! Tell us hoe have you guys hav been doing? What are the plans?

Everyone in the u.s. is nearly going back in about 3 months so hopefully to see u guys all!

So Thx And Luv Ya all!!!

End of year!!

posted on 13 Dec 2008 13:39 by timeclub

Merry Christmas And Happy New Year!! 2009 Wow


Time pass so fast wa but our friendship is still the same


Let's do some Christmas list

What do you want for your Christmas?

Who you wish you can be with during Christmas time?

What do you wish for?

Up date !!

AS far as everyone know that Pimiiez Hilton is back to Thailand and she's gonna stay in Thailand for Three month.

Prow is gonna go back to Thailand soon.

Ferm will be back to Thailand on this december too!!


Long Time Missing

posted on 23 Nov 2008 05:46 by timeclub

Hey Hey Hey!

So long mak mak tee mai dai Up!!!

Ok First of all! People who are in SBS.

How was life? And what da hell is going on? Dude tell me.

Second Prow Happy Birthday na!

Sorry I don't have any chance to count down with you but just let you know i still love you.

This Christmas Holiday hope you guys will enjoy.

Prow gonna go back to Thailand. Wow How excited?

OMG! Twilight!! You need to see it you guys.

Miss yo guy mak mak na.

In june 2009 Lets go to Phuket!!!